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Mother's Day Magic: Unveiling Joy

Mother's Day Magic: Unveiling Joy

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Celebrate Mom with our artisanal Mother's Day gift box, a testament to handmade elegance. Crafted with love, it features exquisite handmade trays, perfect for organizing life's treasures. Luxuriate in the delicate scents of hand-poured wax melts, infusing every space with warmth and comfort. And sip in style from a handcrafted glass tumbler, a symbol of refined relaxation. Embrace the artistry of motherhood with this thoughtful ensemble.

Product Details:

  • Handmade Heart Shape Tray
  • Handcrafted Glass Tumbler
  • Hand Poured Wax Melts

Care Instructions:

  • The tray has been sealed to minimize stains but is not waterproof.
  • Do not microwave or put in dishwasher.


  • Gentle hand wash only
  • Do not soak in water
  • Not dishwasher/microwave safe

Wax Melts:

  • Ensure you use a wax melter specifically designed for wax melts.
  • Put one wax melt cube or a small portion of your wax melt into the dish or top of the wax melter.
  • Keep an eye on the wax melt as it melts to prevent overheating. Avoid leaving it unattended while it's melting.

Note: My products are all handmade so as a result of the making process, there will be air bubbles and imperfections. Actual products may vary in colour. Variations could arise due to factors like lighting, device displays, and the unique nature of handcrafted items.

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